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This small hand-written receipt is addressed to Colonel Swift(?) Regiment in Genl. McDougal Division. Mentions muskets out of repair. Signed by "Benj. Freeman"


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Addressed from "White Marsh Church" this letter is addressed "Dear Frankey" and mentions General Scott's view, "we are in High spirits and full of hope of Bringing this most horrid War to a Conclusion by Defeating Genl.Howe in a few days." Personal…

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Addressed from "White Marsh", letter instructs General James Potter to disregard previous orders from Washington to hurry the militia. This letter requests Potter to employ the militia to any advantage against the enemy at Carpenter Island. Further…

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Three identical pre-printed Payroll forms addressed from Lancaster(Pa) signed by Colonel John Bayard to three individuals. Pay warrants issue wages to three individuals for their service in the General Assembly and includes reimbursement for travel.…

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Addressed from Manheim(Pa.), Morris writes to John Langdon regarding Delaware River defenses and the repeated repulse of British on the river. Second page mentions "the glorious news from Genl. Gates" reference Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga, New…

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Addressed from Towamencin, document addresses the damage to Henry Cassel's farm and estate during the American army's encampment on the owner's land. Document also signed by Nicolaus Schwenk and John Lukens of Towamensing.

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In this letter addressed from "Head Quarters Towamensing(sic), Huntington addresses his father regarding activities on the Delaware River and the problems the British navy encountered from the river obstacles. He writes, "we are now at Worcester 21…

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This manuscript copy of Washington's General Orders for October 12, 1777 is addressed from Towamencin(Pa) and includes listing for officers of the day, recent promotions, and instructions for improving the troops.

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This Manuscript Copy of General Washington's General Orders from "Head Qrs." near Towamencin(Pa) provides general orders for daily officers in charge, directs arms shall be put in the best-order, and all made ready for sudden call to activity.

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In this letter addressed from Manheim(PA), Morris writes John Langdon on the poor fate of Philadelphia after the British occupation. Mr. Morris relates business matters of crop shipping and his attendance of Congress at York(Pa).
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