Manuscript copy of General George Washington's General Order for October 12, 1777

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Manuscript copy of General George Washington's General Order for October 12, 1777


This manuscript copy of Washington's General Orders for October 12, 1777 is addressed from Towamencin(Pa) and includes listing for officers of the day, recent promotions, and instructions for improving the troops.


General George Washington


12 October 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 2, Folder 9, 10-05


Head Quarters Towmencing Octobr 12th 1777

Parole Countersign

Majr. Genl. for tomorrow Stephens Brigadier Smallwood
Field Officers Colo. Patton Lt. Colo. Mead. Brigade Maj Peen
For Pequet Lt. Colo. Davis
Major Lockhart of the 3d. N. Carolina Regmt. Is Promoted to the Rank of Lt. Colo. in the 8th Regmt. of that state in the room of Lt. Colo. Ingram Resign’d Capt. Henry Dixon of the 4th N Carolina Regmt. is promoted to the Rank of Majr. in the 3d Regmt. of sd. State in the Room of Majr. Lockhart promoted
The Commander in chief approves this
Following Sentences of a Genl. Court Martial hold the 3d Inst. – Ensign Canon of the 4th Virga. Regmt. Charg’d with accusing ensn. Ford of Cowardice also getting drunk in the morning and behaving in an un Gentlemanlike Manner, Found guilty of the Charge brought agt. him and sentenced to be discharged from the Service & It is the Ardent wish of the Commander in Chief that he duty of the camp be Perform’d with the greatest Exactness & Regularity & Desires that the Majr. Genl. Brig. Genl. & Field officers of the day attend the Parade at the time of Grand Mounting & see that they guards on duly March’d off and every thing Conducted with Propriety Hence Forward the Guards are to mount at 9 oClock in the morning – as the officers have now an opportunity of attending to the Discipline of the Troops every Day when the weather permits, the Corps are to be turned out and practiced in the most essential Exercises, Particularly in Preming and Leading [illeg] advancing Retreating, Breaking and Rallying, no pairs [illeg, tear] to be spared to Improve the Troops in these Points All Parties and Witnesses Relative to the Charge agt. Genl. Wayne are to attend the Ch. Of Inquiry at Lt. Stirlenss Quarters tomorrow Morning at 10 OClock.
The Qr. Mastr. Genl. is Directed to Procure paper Immediately. That they Several Corps may be Furnish’d without Delay --