Manuscript copy of General George Washington's General Orders of Oct. 10, 1777

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Manuscript copy of General George Washington's General Orders of Oct. 10, 1777


This Manuscript Copy of General Washington's General Orders from "Head Qrs." near Towamencin(Pa) provides general orders for daily officers in charge, directs arms shall be put in the best-order, and all made ready for sudden call to activity.


General george Washington


10 October 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 2, Folder 8, 10-04


Head Qrt. October 10th 1777

Parole C. Signs

Maj. Gen. For tomorrow --- Sullivan

Brigadier Scott. Brigade Maj.r. Cox
Field officer Colo Marshall, Maj.r Hay
Chaplains of the army are to meet together tomorrow at 12 oclock. In the Rear of the Artillery Park, for the purpose mentioned in the Gen.l orders mentioned in the Genl. Orders of the 7th Inst. The Paymaster Genl. will attend The business of this department at Genl. Weedons Hq in Gl. Greens Division at Mr. Tennesses(?) House. --- A Court of Inquiry Consisting of four members & Majr. Genl. Lord Stirling president. to set at 12 oclock today at the Presidents Hr. and examine into the Conduct of Maj. Genl. Sullivan in the Expedition commanded by him to Staten Island in the month of Augt. Last Majr. Taylor and others who can give information of this matter are to attend But if the Court see cause to Postpone the examination for want of evidence after hearing what Majr. Taylor has to urge on that said they are to do it accordingly Genl. Mc Dougall Genl. Knox Colo. Spencer and Colo. Clark numbers—The Genl. being informed that much Provision is wasted by the Irregular manner in which it is drawn and cook’d does in Earnest Terms.

Exhort the officers commanding corps to look into and prevent Abusses of this kind----and in very express terms also deserves that they will see that their men have Provisions by them.

Ready for any Emergency , and more over that they will be particularly attentive to the execution of orders both as to Time and manner ardently wishing that the Necessity of a Rigid Compliance with them may be deeply Improved upon the minds of every officer who ought to Consider how Impractible it is to Carry on any Millitary operation without it.

It is not for every officer, to know the Principles upon which every order Issued and to Judge how far they may or may not be dispersed with or suspended But there duty to carry them into execution with the upmost Punctuality and exactness they are to consider that military movements are like the working of a clock and will go Equally Regular and easy if every officer does his duty. But Without it be as easily disordered; because Neglect in any one part like the stoping of a wheel disorders the whole ; The Genl. expects Therefore that every officer will duly concider The Importance of this observation There own Reputation and the duty they owe their country Claims it of them; and he earnestly Calls upon them to do it.

The Genl. directs that arms shall be put in the best order without Loss of time ammunition Completed and every thing in Readiness against a sudden call if such should be made upon us---Those who want arms are to be supplied Immediately by and from the Adj. Gen. but at the foot of each Return an account is to be Rendered how the Deficiency arose –Promotions in consequence of the late Deaths & Resignations will now take place as a reward to the merit of deserving officers. The succession in which they are to be made agreeable to the Genl. orders is to be reported by the Genl. officers of each Division or Brigade (after consulting the field officers of the Regm-t they belong to—officers who are under the Impulation(?) of cowardice or where Characters in other Respects are Impeachable are to be noted; as the Genl. is determined to Discriminate Between they good and bad this order is to be Confined to Promotion—no new appointments will take place at this time in the weak state of [illeg] Regiment.