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This manuscript copy of Washington's General Orders for October 12, 1777 is addressed from Towamencin(Pa) and includes listing for officers of the day, recent promotions, and instructions for improving the troops.

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This Manuscript Copy of General Washington's General Orders from "Head Qrs." near Towamencin(Pa) provides general orders for daily officers in charge, directs arms shall be put in the best-order, and all made ready for sudden call to activity.

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This General Order originally issued from Headquarters, Cross Roads, August 17, 1777, addresses the format and attendance requirements of General Court Martials by all General Officers. The general order issues instructions for officers to appoint a…

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This General Order issued from Headquarters near Cross Roads on August 13th 1777, offers instructions for "Officers of the Day" and privileges associated with this title, including dining with the general. The order also instructs officers to…

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This letter written by Paul Hughes is regarding a boat taken from John Pawlings property by general orders in 1777. This letter is backed by a written statement by former Major General Peter Muhlenberg.
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