John F. Reed eighteenth century manuscript collection containing documents related to the American Revolution.


John F. Reed
Valley Forge National Historical Park

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General George Washington's Letter to Colonel Elias Dayton
This letter from General George Washington to Colonel Elias Dayton describes the enemy fleet movement in the capes of Delaware. General Washington orders Colonel Dayton's and Colonel Ogden's brigades to halt their movements and await further orders…

Parole of Suspected Tory
This document is a signed parole issues by the United States of America to a suspected Tory James Tilghman. Tilghman declares that he will not provide any intelligence to American enemies. The parole also notes that Tilghman is allowed to visit and…

Paul Hughes Letter
This letter written by Paul Hughes is regarding a boat taken from John Pawlings property by general orders in 1777. This letter is backed by a written statement by former Major General Peter Muhlenberg.

Prisoners and Commissions
This is a list of men who were left behind do to their grievous wounds after the Paoli Battle to be taken prisoner by the British. These men will be sent to Carlisle and after there they will be put into new companies raised.
On the back of the…

General George Washington Letter to General James Varnum
In the letter General Washington is concerned about the British attempting to take Fort Mifflin. He instructs them to prepare for an imminent assault by the British.

Colonel Tench Tilghman Letter to Major General Lord Stirling
Colonel Tilghman writes to Major General Lord Stirling (William Alexander) informing him that the enemy has not moved but if they do to inform General Washington immediately.

General Huntington Letter to His Brother, Mr. Anderson Huntington
General Huntington writes to his brother thanking him for recent supplies. He also writes that the continental army is expecting a committee of Congress to asses the condition of the troops.

Major General Baron de Kalb issues a furlough to Lieutenant John Mosher.

Colonel Boudinot Letter to Thomas Wharton Jr.
Colonel Boudinot was the Commisary General for prisoners between May 1777 and May 1778. This letter is written to the President of Pennsylvania, Thomas Wharton Jr, about a Tory prisoner who refused to swear the oath of allegiance to the state.

Secretary of Congress
Charles Thomson was the secretary of the Continental Congress and here he records the resolved issue on how to handle commissary issues.
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