Colonel Boudinot Letter to Thomas Wharton Jr.

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Colonel Boudinot Letter to Thomas Wharton Jr.


Tory Prisoner


Colonel Boudinot was the Commisary General for prisoners between May 1777 and May 1778. This letter is written to the President of Pennsylvania, Thomas Wharton Jr, about a Tory prisoner who refused to swear the oath of allegiance to the state.


Colonel Elias Boudinot


7 January 1778


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 3, Folder 02, 16-01


Elias Boudinot to Pres Wharton 1778
Camp jany 7th 1778

I yesterday discharged Charles Dingey from the Provost, on his giving me three [illeg]ions in £1000 for his appearance at Lancaster within Ten days--- I promised to return the Bond, on your Certificate of his being properly conducted to you, but as I am bound for Jersey think it best to enclose it to you, which you can give up when you please-----The charge of him here is his attempting to go into Philadelphia-his acknowledging himself a subject of King George the third -- and his refusing to take the Oath of affirmation of Allegiance to the state, or to give his Parole that he would not do us any Injury-------

I have no News, but that our old Friend Bickle is at last discharged, which I have informed Mr. Seale of---Am with compliments to Mr. Wharton

Your very Hble Serv

Elias Boudinet

His Excellency Tho. Wharton

Address on back: In the publick Service—

His Excellency Thomas Wharton Esq.