General Huntington Letter to His Brother, Mr. Anderson Huntington

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General Huntington Letter to His Brother, Mr. Anderson Huntington




General Huntington writes to his brother thanking him for recent supplies. He also writes that the continental army is expecting a committee of Congress to asses the condition of the troops.


General Jedadiah Huntington


25 December 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 2, Folder 46, 15-04


Valley Forge Dec 25th 1777

Dear Sir,

I have yours of the 24th Nov—the Barrel for my own life is received the Hhead No 2 containing Shoes & Stockings for the Regt. That was mine Mr. Flint has taken charge of and will account with you or somebody else As to the Cartridge Boxes & Buckles I think had better be made up in Connecticut if leather can be had—perhaps you had better write to Colo. Hughes at Fish kill –for Directions--- I am exceeding happy to hear how will you enjoy yourselves and that I have contributed to Your pleasure by sending a Hand, I wish I could make One among you-----

The Supplies from Connecticut will clothe our Troops comfortably for the Winter except some who may Want Coats & Blankets—the Men seem to be well pleased with the care taken of them in this Matter---26th Lord Howe himself with a Body of his Troops have been out some Days about Darby , supposed to be taking Hay off the Meadows there have been some skirmishes.—Capts. Lee & Craig of Blands light horse took thirteen Horse and The men of Prestons Dragoons 27th a committee of Congress is expected in Camp to day Plans for another Campaign, it is uncertain how long this will be reaching or it might have been accompanied with letters to some of my other friends—remember love to Miss Moore, Parents, Sister [illeg]

From your affect. Bro
Jed Huntington

The free Gift of clothes to the Soldiers from the ranks is very pleasing-and merits great Praise. I hope it will provoke other Parishes & Towns to imitate their good works—

Mr. Andrew Huntington