Parole of Suspected Tory

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Parole of Suspected Tory


James Tilghman


This document is a signed parole issues by the United States of America to a suspected Tory James Tilghman. Tilghman declares that he will not provide any intelligence to American enemies. The parole also notes that Tilghman is allowed to visit and reside in Maryland if he submits an application to do so.


9 August 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 1, 4. Folder 29, 05-04


Philadelphia August 9th 1777

I James Tilghman of the city of Philadelphia Esquire late one of the Governor Council do declare upon my honour that I will not do anything injurious to the United States of America by writing, speaking or otherwise, nor give intelligence to the commanders in Chief of the British forces nor any person under him and that I will not leave the State of Pennsylvania without special Permission from the President in council or the Board of War of the United States signified by their Secretary-and that I will in every respect conduct myself according to the rules which are accustomed to be observed by prisoners of War on parole.

James Tilghman

Signed in the presence of
Charles Willson Peale
Robert Smith