Paul Hughes Letter

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Paul Hughes Letter


Boat Requisition on Schuylkill River


This letter written by Paul Hughes is regarding a boat taken from John Pawlings property by general orders in 1777. This letter is backed by a written statement by former Major General Peter Muhlenberg.


Paul Hughes


26 October 1789


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 1, Folder 44, 07-06


Mont County [illeg]

Personally appeared before me the Subscriber One of the justices of the Peace in and for said county Paul Ruglarand Made Oaths that by Gen’l Orders in the year 1777 he took a Boat the Property of John Pawling Valued at Twenty five pounds down to the Swedes Ford on the River Schuylkill being moved to prevent said Boat falling into the hands of the British---Witness his hand this 26th of Oct. 1789.
Paul Hughes

Sworn before me
And y brothers

I do hereby certify, that the Boat
Above mentioned, as well as many others
Were taken from the proprietors, and removed
By Order of the Commander in Chief, to prevent
Them from falling into the Hands of the
British—a reference to the Orderly Book of 1777
Will afford sufficient proof.
Late M. G’l Cont. Army