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This printed broadsheet offers testimony from Quaker Yearly meeting in Philadelphia regarding the Quakers arrest and exile to Virginia due to their questioned loyalty to the American cause. Broadsheet attests to Quakers' neutrality and peacefulness…

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This letter addressed from Peekskill, New York on 29 September 1777, is addressed to his brother Andrew Huntington. General Huntington discusses the British occupation of Philadelphia and his instructions to join the main Continental force near…

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This letter addressed from Peekskill, New York the 26th of September 1777, is apparently written to Brig. General Huntington's father. The letter mentions the position of General Howe and the British army 20 miles from Philadelphia and Washington's…

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This Order of Detention addressed from York County, Pennsylvania to Benjamin Davis(unknown position) instructs that a certain Alexander Ha(i?)ggins be turned over to the county of York until legally discharged.


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This Pay Warrant instructs payment of One hundred and Forty-eight pounds, Six Shillings, and Eight pence to Councilman John Proctor for attendance at Council. Warrant to David Rittenhouse, Pennsylvania Treasurer.

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This Pay Warrant addressed "In Council Philadephia Sept. 13 1777" instructs payment of One Hundred and fifty-eight pounds, Seven shillings and Six pence to Councilman Jonathan Hoge for council attendance. Warrant directed to David Rittenhouse,…

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This letter addressed from Wilmington(Del.) to Brig. General Caesar Rodney, discusses the movement of British forces from their encampment near Mill Creek Hundred moving North over Brandywine Bridge toward "a place called Chads Ford." Discusses…

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Letter addresses papers of Henry Drinker and their disposition after his arrest.

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This is an apparent contemporary copy of a letter Gist sent to General Washington while encamped at the Head of Sassafras(River, Maryland). Drafted in the hand of Gist's secretary, the letter addresses difficulties encountered with militia, movement…

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This letter of instruction addressed from Wilmington, Aug 28th 1777, acknowledges the arrival of Mr. Philip Pelton, believed to be a secret agent sent by McDougal to Washington. The letter initials Mr. Pelton only. With franked address leaf. Letter…
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