Letter Addressed to Henry Cassel

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Letter Addressed to Henry Cassel


Battle Damage


Addressed from Towamencin, document addresses the damage to Henry Cassel's farm and estate during the American army's encampment on the owner's land. Document also signed by Nicolaus Schwenk and John Lukens of Towamensing.


Nicolaus Schwenk and John Lukens


23 October 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 2, Folder 11, 10-08


Note: Piece missing, shown below as blank space

Philada. Coy.
Octr. 24th 1777 Came before me one of the Two
[illeg] of the peace for the said County Frederick
Wampole Nicholas Swink & John Lukens and
took their solemn Affirmation that they had
made a just Pricement of the Damage done
to the Henry Cassel by the Continen-
d before me Peter Evans


Estimate of damage done on the Plantation of Henry
Cassel by the Army under the command of His Excellency
General Washington between the 7th & 16th Inst
696 Fence Rails… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @257per hund. L 8 16 0
We whose Names are undersigned (at of
Henry Cassel) have taken a strict &
& judgment believe the same
Pounds, fourteen Shillings Curr
Inst? we are ready to Qualify un
Given under our hands on sa
Towamensing Township this 23. October 177
Frederick Wambole
Nicholaus Schwenk
John Lukens