Robert Morris to John Langdon

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Robert Morris to John Langdon




Addressed from Manheim(Pa.), Morris writes to John Langdon regarding Delaware River defenses and the repeated repulse of British on the river. Second page mentions "the glorious news from Genl. Gates" reference Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga, New York.
Letter closes, "Your obedient Servent, Robt. Morris"


Robert Morris


27 October 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 2, Folder 13, 11-01


John Langdon, Esqr Manheim in Pennsylvania
October 27th 1777


I have your favour of the 22 Sept with the copy of Maj. Hunters draft and the receipt of those you paid the money to the account in your credit.

I want to see Mr. Nesbitt before I dispatch waggons for the sugars he is now at Trenton waiting to return into Philadelphia and the news I have this amount received from thence gives me the strongest hopes that he will not have to wait long, for our defenses on the Delaware turns out beyond all Expectations, the Enemy have been repeatedly Repulsed & have now lost some of their Capital Ships, without in short I have hopes to send you from there a fast sailing Schooner instead of Waggons Respecting which I will write you again very soon & in the mean time you must hold the Sugars subject to my future Orders, I congratulate you most Sincerely in the glorious news from Genl. Gates army & Remain DrSir

Your Obed’t humble
Robt Morris

Portsmouth New Hampshire