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This is a list of men who were left behind do to their grievous wounds after the Paoli Battle to be taken prisoner by the British. These men will be sent to Carlisle and after there they will be put into new companies raised.
On the back of the…

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Letter from Andrew Hamilton, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania, to Edward Shippen requesting Shippen to pay for his one-fifth title share in the Perkiomen Mine venture. Forfeiture of share of mine threatened if payment not received.


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Three identical pre-printed Payroll forms addressed from Lancaster(Pa) signed by Colonel John Bayard to three individuals. Pay warrants issue wages to three individuals for their service in the General Assembly and includes reimbursement for travel.…

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Warrant addressed, "In Assembly March 27 1778" . Bayard requests payment to bearer John Whitehall(?) of thirty pounds for his service as a commissioner for regulating prices. Signed "John Bayard Speaker" and copied to David Rittenhouse, Treasurer.

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This Pay Warrant instructs payment of One hundred and Forty-eight pounds, Six Shillings, and Eight pence to Councilman John Proctor for attendance at Council. Warrant to David Rittenhouse, Pennsylvania Treasurer.

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This Pay Warrant addressed "In Council Philadephia Sept. 13 1777" instructs payment of One Hundred and fifty-eight pounds, Seven shillings and Six pence to Councilman Jonathan Hoge for council attendance. Warrant directed to David Rittenhouse,…

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This letter written by Paul Hughes is regarding a boat taken from John Pawlings property by general orders in 1777. This letter is backed by a written statement by former Major General Peter Muhlenberg.

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This document is a signed parole issues by the United States of America to a suspected Tory James Tilghman. Tilghman declares that he will not provide any intelligence to American enemies. The parole also notes that Tilghman is allowed to visit and…

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In this brief letter addressed from "York Town March 17, 1778" U.S. Treasurer Hillegas informs a Mr. French of remaining lottery tickets.

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In this one-page letter addressed from Camp at Valley Forge, LaFayette writes the French government regarding dispatches to France and a French officer applying for service in the American Continental Army.
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