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In this letter addressed from "Moorehall 28 March 1778" Biddle requests Lowrey to purchase "Hay Oats & other forage" suitable for cavalry. Reference to a prisoner exchange in New Jersey.

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Warrant addressed, "In Assembly March 27 1778" . Bayard requests payment to bearer John Whitehall(?) of thirty pounds for his service as a commissioner for regulating prices. Signed "John Bayard Speaker" and copied to David Rittenhouse, Treasurer.

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In this undated brief letter, John Laurens addresses Captain Peter Du Ponceau on the difficulty of getting clothing from Lancaster. Peter Du Ponceau came to the United States in 1777 at the age of seventeen. He served as one of the Baron de Steuben's…

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In this one-page document addressed from "Camp Valley Forge 20th March 1778", General McIntosh writes North Carolina Governor on the conditions and privations of state forces at Valley Forge. McIntosh writes, "I am sorry I have to inform you the Men…

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In this brief letter addressed from "York Town March 17, 1778" U.S. Treasurer Hillegas informs a Mr. French of remaining lottery tickets.

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Rare manuscript addressed from "Wilmington March 10th 1778" regarding the parole of a prisoner. LEtter signed, "yr very Obed. Sert WSmallwood"
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