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When the Continental Congress reorganized the supply system they appointed Jeremiah Wadsworth as the Commissary General. This is the letter informing Wadsworth on his new position if he chooses to accept it. Wadsworth accepted in April 1778 and…

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This document is a list of repairs and rates for the barracks and stables while the Queen's Rangers were in Philadelphia.

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Letter from Andrew Hamilton, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania, to Edward Shippen requesting Shippen to pay for his one-fifth title share in the Perkiomen Mine venture. Forfeiture of share of mine threatened if payment not received.


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This Order of Detention addressed from York County, Pennsylvania to Benjamin Davis(unknown position) instructs that a certain Alexander Ha(i?)ggins be turned over to the county of York until legally discharged.


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This small hand-written receipt is addressed to Colonel Swift(?) Regiment in Genl. McDougal Division. Mentions muskets out of repair. Signed by "Benj. Freeman"


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In this one-page document addressed from "Camp Valley Forge 20th March 1778", General McIntosh writes North Carolina Governor on the conditions and privations of state forces at Valley Forge. McIntosh writes, "I am sorry I have to inform you the Men…

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Rare manuscript addressed from "Wilmington March 10th 1778" regarding the parole of a prisoner. LEtter signed, "yr very Obed. Sert WSmallwood"

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Addressed from "White Marsh Church" this letter is addressed "Dear Frankey" and mentions General Scott's view, "we are in High spirits and full of hope of Bringing this most horrid War to a Conclusion by Defeating Genl.Howe in a few days." Personal…

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In this one-page letter addressed from Valley Forge, General Weedon requests payment be issued to the 6th Virginia Regiment whose time of enlistment will soon expire.

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This letter addressed from Peekskill, New York the 26th of September 1777, is apparently written to Brig. General Huntington's father. The letter mentions the position of General Howe and the British army 20 miles from Philadelphia and Washington's…
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