Detention Order of Suspected Army Deserter

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Detention Order of Suspected Army Deserter


This Order of Detention addressed from York County, Pennsylvania to Benjamin Davis(unknown position) instructs that a certain Alexander Ha(i?)ggins be turned over to the county of York until legally discharged.


Arch McLean


12 September 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 1, Folder 43, 07-05


York County ss.

Whereas a certain person who calls himself Alexander Higgens, was taken up, and brought before me, on suspicion of being a Defector or a Run away [illeg] and he not
Being able fully to clear himself from the Suspicion. These are therefore to require you forthwith to convey the said Alexander Haggens to the Gaeler? of this county, who is also hereby required to Receive him the said Alexander Haggens into the Goal of the said County, & him safely keep until he be legally discharged. Given under my Hand & Seal the 12th Day of Sept. 1777.


To Benjamin Davis