Brigadier General Jedediah Huntington Letter to his Father

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Brigadier General Jedediah Huntington Letter to his Father


Troop Movement


This letter addressed from Peekskill, New York the 26th of September 1777, is apparently written to Brig. General Huntington's father. The letter mentions the position of General Howe and the British army 20 miles from Philadelphia and Washington's forces "keeping pace" with the British in the rear. In the letter, General Huntington mentions that he and General Varnum(James) are instructed to join the main Continental force near Philadelphia. The letter closes, "I am affectionately your Son, Jed Huntington"


Brigadier General Jedediah Huntington


26 September 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 1, Folder 47, 08-01


Peeks kill Sept 26 1777

Hon Sir,

Last Monday General Howe was about 20 miles from Philadelphia marching up the Southside of Schuylkill—General Washington army were part of them on this side the river keeping pace with him & part in his Rear.

General McDougall crossed Coryell Ferry on Delaware Tuesday & probably was up with Schuylkill Wednesday night – PS. Sept 27th.

General Howe has maneuvered General Washington into his Rear –34 miles from Philadelphia & is now on this side of the Schuylkill between Genl Washington and Philadelphia—so that I see not but he will certainly get into Philadelphia without much opposition---------Genl Varnum and I are ordered to join the grand Army near Philadelphia-our baggage goes over the River tomorrow the Troops will march the most Day—what may be sent to me I wish directed to Major Huntington who is coming up from White Plains.------

I am this Day favoured with Yours & [illeg]----Yours of the 20th is not to hands.

I am affectionately

Your Son
Jed Huntington

Letters sent to me had best be directed to the care of General Putnam who will have frequent opportunity of forwarding them to me.