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Rittenhouse writes Supreme Executive Council regaring sum of money received for purchasing provisions for state magazines. Total sum expected to be One hundred and thirty Thousand Dollars. Signed at bottom, "Dav.d Rittenhouse Treasurer"

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This letter from General George Washington to Colonel Elias Dayton describes the enemy fleet movement in the capes of Delaware. General Washington orders Colonel Dayton's and Colonel Ogden's brigades to halt their movements and await further orders…

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In the letter General Washington is concerned about the British attempting to take Fort Mifflin. He instructs them to prepare for an imminent assault by the British.

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General George Washington writes Colonel Bland of Virginia reference recruits, horses, and supplies for the army from Virginia.

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This General Order issued from Headquarters near Cross Roads on August 13th 1777, offers instructions for "Officers of the Day" and privileges associated with this title, including dining with the general. The order also instructs officers to…

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This General Order originally issued from Headquarters, Cross Roads, August 17, 1777, addresses the format and attendance requirements of General Court Martials by all General Officers. The general order issues instructions for officers to appoint a…

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This letter of instruction addressed from Wilmington, Aug 28th 1777, acknowledges the arrival of Mr. Philip Pelton, believed to be a secret agent sent by McDougal to Washington. The letter initials Mr. Pelton only. With franked address leaf. Letter…

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This Manuscript Copy of General Washington's General Orders from "Head Qrs." near Towamencin(Pa) provides general orders for daily officers in charge, directs arms shall be put in the best-order, and all made ready for sudden call to activity.

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This manuscript copy of Washington's General Orders for October 12, 1777 is addressed from Towamencin(Pa) and includes listing for officers of the day, recent promotions, and instructions for improving the troops.

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Addressed from "White Marsh", letter instructs General James Potter to disregard previous orders from Washington to hurry the militia. This letter requests Potter to employ the militia to any advantage against the enemy at Carpenter Island. Further…
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