General George Washington's General Orders of August 13, 1777.

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General George Washington's General Orders of August 13, 1777.


This General Order issued from Headquarters near Cross Roads on August 13th 1777, offers instructions for "Officers of the Day" and privileges associated with this title, including dining with the general. The order also instructs officers to prepare for movement at shortest notice when required. The second page addresses the Board of General Officers and to examine complaints against a Colonel White of the Georgia Battalion, Continental Army.


General George Washington


13 August 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 1, Folder 26, 05-01


Page 1

Head Quarters near Cross Roads Augt. 13th 1777.

Parole. Sign.

Major General for [illeg] Green
Brigadier -- -- Muhlenberg
Fd. Officers Colo Patton & Lt Colo. Butler
B. Major -- -- Swain

The Officers of the Day will consider of the necessary guards to be posted in this Place and attend to the Orders & discipline of the Camp agreeable to the General Orders of the 5th XXXe, the General requests the Officers of the Day to dine at Head Qrs. as usual. – The Brigadiers or Officers commanding Brigades are at orderly Time, tomorrow to return a list of all the absent officers, of their respective Brigades. Corps to the Adjut. Gl. in doing this the Name and Rank of the Officers are to be set forth; how long they have been absent, whether they are upon duty and what Duty, or upon Furlow. -- & the length of time for which the furloughs were given. – A Strict compliance with this order is expected. – The Qr. Mr. & Waggon Mr. Genl. Are now to arrange all matters in their respective Departments in the best manner possible & be ready to move on the shortest notice in what ever Route the Army shall be called to march

Page 2 [front]

All Officers from whose Corps it is suspected Men have deserted and inlisted into Colo. Whites Battn. are immediately to make out or list or their Names with proper descriptions of their Persons & Dress and deliver them to their Brigadier or Officer Commanding their Brigade, who will then immediately, send a suitable Officer of the Brigade to Philadelphia, to examine Colo. Whites Battn. agreeable to his request, who will deliver up their Deserters of any shall be found in his Corps – These Officers will at the same Time apply to the Officers commanding the Gallies and Vessels of War at Philadelphia and below the City for leave to search their Vessels for Deserters & they are desired to permit such Searches accordingly – Two sober honest lads who can talk French are to be sent to Head Quarters this afternoon at Six oClock Genl. Muhlenbe will send one from his Brigade and Gl. Scott one from his if they are to be found in those Brigades

A Pinchbeck Watch has been found. The owner may have it again by applying to Colo. Lawrence Judge Advocate Gl and leaving a small gratuity for the two Honest Soldiers, who carried the watch to Colo. Lawrence to be advertised.


The Board of General Officers held the 12th instant to examine the complaints made against Colo. John White & other officers of the Georgia Battalion for inlisting some Men out of the Continental Army who were already inlisted in other Regiments – report that upon the full enquiry there don’t appear the least imputation against Colo. White nor against any of his Officers except in the instance of Capt. Lucas who supposed himself authorized in the matter complained of by an order from Major Genl. Gates issued by the Town Major.