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In this brief letter addressed from "Head Quarters (/) 24th Feby 1778" Laurens requests Colonel Biddle to procure "best provisions to be made for Baron Steuben & Horses" that circumstances allow. Asks Baron be quartered at the house late Genl.…

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In this letter addressed, "Phila. 14th Feby 1778", Franklin writes Colonel Elias Boudinot interesting letter regarding feeding and clothing American prisoners in Philadelphia. Great detail on rations. Doctor advise for treatment.

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In this one-page letter addressed from Valley Forge, General Weedon requests payment be issued to the 6th Virginia Regiment whose time of enlistment will soon expire.

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In this one page letter dated, "Jany 15 1778", Colonel Timothy Pickering writes Clement Biddle regarding militia troops covering foraging activities. He states, "If Col. Stewart has not finished his work, his party(which was a 150 strong, in…

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In this letter addressed from Lancaster(Pa), Wharton orders the transportation of surplus indigo and bar iron to Boston to be sold in order to purchase clothing which is "is much wanted by our troops" Letter closed, "I am with much respect your very…

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On this informal Receipt addressed "Head Quarters Gulph Heights", Private Stephen June acknowledges receipt from the town of Stamford, Connecticut, "2 flannel Shirts, ...1 Pair of Woolen Overalls...1 Woolen Vef(s)t Without Sleeves 2 pair of Woolen…

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On this rough note, Lt. Colonel Hubley advises others on the reservation of 55 pairs of shoes enclosed in a cask. Note addressed, "To the person, opening this Cask". Reserves 55 pairs of shoes for the use of the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.

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In this written statement addressed from "White Marsh", Continental soldier, John Bordman acknowledges receiving the articles of clothing, "two new winter shirts and one pair of Woolen Stockings one pr Woolen Breeches and one Woolen Wastcoat"

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In this letter addressed from White Marsh(Pa), Major Tyler informs the colonel of a Smallpox epidemic and a regiment being moved to Lancaster because of pox. Mention of small skirmish with enemy on 7 December.

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Receipt issued to Col. Swifts(?) Reg.t by the hands of John [Illeg} for One Hide.
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