Thomas Wharton

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Thomas Wharton




In this letter addressed from Lancaster(Pa), Wharton orders the transportation of surplus indigo and bar iron to Boston to be sold in order to purchase clothing which is "is much wanted by our troops" Letter closed, "I am with much respect your very humble servant, ThoWharton jr."


Thomas Wharton Jr.


16 December 1777


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 2, Folder 35, 13-06


In Council

Dear Sir Lancaster December 16 1777

I am informed Indigo Silk Sells Well at Boston and as clothing is much wanted for our Troops I think it advisable to order the Indigo there to purchase some. You will therefore be good enough to Hire one or more Waggons and send what you have of that article in your possession belonging to this State, to Mr. Joseph Hubely of Boston. perhaps there may be sufficient to load two waggons or more, I am not at present certain of the quantity but most by you to have it weighed—I could wish that four waggons was Hired and the Loads made up of good Bare Iron as I know you to be a fast friend to your country and as Clothing is much wanted I by you to dispatch this Business immediately—I shall order some Money Sent to you to pay for the Iron and for other purposes to [illeg] with the Business.
I am with much respect &
Your very Humble and
Thomas Wharton, Pres.

Rob. Levers Esq.