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In this one-page letter addressed from Valley Forge, General Weedon requests payment be issued to the 6th Virginia Regiment whose time of enlistment will soon expire.

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This letter addressed from Peekskill, New York on 29 September 1777, is addressed to his brother Andrew Huntington. General Huntington discusses the British occupation of Philadelphia and his instructions to join the main Continental force near…

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This letter addressed from Peekskill, New York the 26th of September 1777, is apparently written to Brig. General Huntington's father. The letter mentions the position of General Howe and the British army 20 miles from Philadelphia and Washington's…

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In this letter addressed from "Head Quarters Towamensing(sic), Huntington addresses his father regarding activities on the Delaware River and the problems the British navy encountered from the river obstacles. He writes, "we are now at Worcester 21…

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Rare manuscript addressed from "Wilmington March 10th 1778" regarding the parole of a prisoner. LEtter signed, "yr very Obed. Sert WSmallwood"

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Joseph Galloway, a prominent Loyalist and former Patriot, became the superintendent of police during the British occupation of Philadelphia. During this time many Loyalists had their property stolen from them. These events led to the issue of Sir…

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In this letter addressed from "Moorehall 28 March 1778" Biddle requests Lowrey to purchase "Hay Oats & other forage" suitable for cavalry. Reference to a prisoner exchange in New Jersey.

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On this informal Receipt addressed "Head Quarters Gulph Heights", Private Stephen June acknowledges receipt from the town of Stamford, Connecticut, "2 flannel Shirts, ...1 Pair of Woolen Overalls...1 Woolen Vef(s)t Without Sleeves 2 pair of Woolen…

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In this written statement addressed from "White Marsh", Continental soldier, John Bordman acknowledges receiving the articles of clothing, "two new winter shirts and one pair of Woolen Stockings one pr Woolen Breeches and one Woolen Wastcoat"

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Colonel Boudinot was the Commisary General for prisoners between May 1777 and May 1778. This letter is written to the President of Pennsylvania, Thomas Wharton Jr, about a Tory prisoner who refused to swear the oath of allegiance to the state.
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