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This Quaker Proclamation was issued from the General Spring Meeting of Ministers and Elders held in Philadelphia during March 1778. The Proclamation encourages all Quakers to seek divine Guidance, "in this time of outward Commotion"

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In this written statement addressed from "White Marsh", Continental soldier, John Bordman acknowledges receiving the articles of clothing, "two new winter shirts and one pair of Woolen Stockings one pr Woolen Breeches and one Woolen Wastcoat"

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Receipt issued to Col. Swifts(?) Reg.t by the hands of John [Illeg} for One Hide.

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Three identical pre-printed Payroll forms addressed from Lancaster(Pa) signed by Colonel John Bayard to three individuals. Pay warrants issue wages to three individuals for their service in the General Assembly and includes reimbursement for travel.…

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Lieutenant Lewis Thomas gives his Oath of Allegiance under the supervision of General Peter Muhlenberg.

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This is a list of men who were left behind do to their grievous wounds after the Paoli Battle to be taken prisoner by the British. These men will be sent to Carlisle and after there they will be put into new companies raised.
On the back of the…

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This document is a signed parole issues by the United States of America to a suspected Tory James Tilghman. Tilghman declares that he will not provide any intelligence to American enemies. The parole also notes that Tilghman is allowed to visit and…

This English wall gun has Brass furniture and massive steel rammer secured by four pipes connected to a full length stock supporting a pinned barrel for total approximate weight of 32 pounds. It has an original .25 inch hole through stock behind rear…

This English Blunderbuss includes a walnut stock patterned after the standard Land Service Musket carried by English land forces. The stock mounts a flared brass “cannon” barrel measuring 17 inches in length and flares to 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) diameter…

This American naval blunderbuss is a crude amalgamation of brass and iron components to assemble a working firearm. The walnut stock appears to be the remains of a one-time swivel gun, evidence by a side hole once used for supporting a “Y” yoke to…
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