Colonel Charles Mawhood

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Colonel Charles Mawhood


American Militia


At the Battle of Quinton's Bridge three hundred New Jersey Mmilitia stood against 1,200 British regulars and loyalists. The British forces set a trap and ambushed two hundred of the militia killing twenty to thirty men. The following day Major John Graves Simcoe and a detachment of Queens Rangers attacked Judge William Hancock's home killing all militia stationed there. After the battle Colonel Charles Mawhood issued a warning to the badly defeated New Jersey Militia and also published the the names of know militiamen.


Colonel Charles Mawhood


21 March 1778


John F. Reed


Box 3, Folder 46, 20-04


Colonel Manwhood Commanding a Detachment of the British Army at Salem induced by motives of Hu[illeg] proposes to the Militia at Quintin [illeg] [illeg] Neighbourhood as well officers as private men to lay down their Arms and [illeg] each man to his own home; on that Condition he Solemnly promises to reimbark his Troops without delay doing no further damage to the Country He will cause his Commissaries to pay for the Cattle Hay & Corn that have been taken in Sterling money. If on the contrary the militia should be[illeg] so deluded & blind to their [illeg] interest & happiness he will put Arms which (he has brought with them) into the hands of the inhabitants well affected called Tories & will attack all such of the Militia as remain in Arms burn & destroy their houses & other property & reduce them their unfortunate Wives & children to beggary & distress.& to convince them that these are not vain threats, he has subjoined a list of the names of such as will be the first objects to feel the Vengeance of the British nation.
Given under my Hand at Head Quarters at Salem
21st day of March 1778
C Mawhood

Page 2:
Edmond Keesby --- Salem
Thomas Scennichson
Samuel Dick
Whillon Crips – near Salem
Ebenezer Howell – Salem
Edward Hull – Manington
John Rowen - - - Salem
Thomas Thompson – Hanes Neck
George Trenchard Penns Neck
Eligha Cattle -- - near Salem
An[illeg] Scennichson Penns Neck
Nicholas Sheene - - - -- Salem
Jacob Hufty Blacksmith Salem
Benjamin Holmes Elsinburg
William Shute Peles Grove
Anthony Sharpe -- - - -
Abenor Penton - - - Upper Alves Creek

Page 3:

Col Mawhood
Order in Salem

Andrew Jenkins
John Bord for 5 Ccass