French Infantry Musket



French Infantry Musket


This model offered advanced improvements in French musket design during the 18th century which would carry into the Napoleonic War years. The earliest muskets of the 1777 model were issued to forces under General Rochambeau's Army who arrived in America in 1780.
The musket includes a walnut stock which supports an iron barrel held by three iron barrel bands. The iron furniture includes the three barrel bands, trigger-guard plate and butt plate with a short rounded tang. A new feature of this model 1777 musket includes finger ridges added to the trigger-guard plate for better handling. The iron rammer includes a trumpet-style end. The musket's lock plate includes another new feature of this 1777 model, a non-corrosive brass flashpan. This model also included a recessed cheek rest cut into reverse stock comb

Caliber: .69
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Length: 59 7/8"
Barrel: 44 3/4"


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c. 1777


George C. Neumann Collection, Valley Forge National Historical Park


VAFO 125

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