Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens to Captain Peter Du Ponceau

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Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens to Captain Peter Du Ponceau




In this undated brief letter, John Laurens addresses Captain Peter Du Ponceau on the difficulty of getting clothing from Lancaster. Peter Du Ponceau came to the United States in 1777 at the age of seventeen. He served as one of the Baron de Steuben's aide to camp. He swore an Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America in camp at Valley Forge in 1778.


Lt. Col. John Laurens


John F. Reed Collection Valley Forge NHP


Box 3, Folder 44, 20-02


Laurens John

Your distress gives me the more pain as I find myself unable to relieve you my being as great a stranger to York and Lancaster as yourself makes it possible for me to recommend a Dyer.—I will write however and find out from my Fathers servant whether the remedy which you had apply to your foot can be effected— Buff even of a bad sort is scarce and dear at York—it was with difficulty I could get a little to furbish up an old coal—
Yr Sincerely
John Laurens

Col John Laurens
Aide at camp to G Washington


Captain Duponoeau
At Baron De Steuben’s

Mr J. Laurence
Aid to G. Washington