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This document is a list of repairs and rates for the barracks and stables while the Queen's Rangers were in Philadelphia.

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This letter from General George Washington to Colonel Elias Dayton describes the enemy fleet movement in the capes of Delaware. General Washington orders Colonel Dayton's and Colonel Ogden's brigades to halt their movements and await further orders…

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Joseph Galloway, a prominent Loyalist and former Patriot, became the superintendent of police during the British occupation of Philadelphia. During this time many Loyalists had their property stolen from them. These events led to the issue of Sir…

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This document is a signed parole issues by the United States of America to a suspected Tory James Tilghman. Tilghman declares that he will not provide any intelligence to American enemies. The parole also notes that Tilghman is allowed to visit and…

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This Quaker Proclamation was issued from the General Spring Meeting of Ministers and Elders held in Philadelphia during March 1778. The Proclamation encourages all Quakers to seek divine Guidance, "in this time of outward Commotion"
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