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Reed 18-08 [1].jpg
William Ellery was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a representative from Rhode Island. This letter is directed towards William Whipple who is a delegate from New Hampshire and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. This letter…

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In this letter addressed from Lancaster(Pa), Wharton orders the transportation of surplus indigo and bar iron to Boston to be sold in order to purchase clothing which is "is much wanted by our troops" Letter closed, "I am with much respect your very…

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In this letter addressed, "Phila. 14th Feby 1778", Franklin writes Colonel Elias Boudinot interesting letter regarding feeding and clothing American prisoners in Philadelphia. Great detail on rations. Doctor advise for treatment.

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Charles Thomson was the secretary of the Continental Congress and here he records the resolved issue on how to handle commissary issues.

The structure of this basket incorporates pierced designs showing interesting variations of key slots and stars. The segment tips in this case end at a center slot in the pommel (which does not encircle it entirely), and are not joined by a ring. Its…

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Addressed from Manheim(Pa.), Morris writes to John Langdon regarding Delaware River defenses and the repeated repulse of British on the river. Second page mentions "the glorious news from Genl. Gates" reference Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga, New…

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Receipt issued to Col. Swifts(?) Reg.t by the hands of John [Illeg} for One Hide.

Reed 12-02.jpg
This small hand-written receipt is addressed to Colonel Swift(?) Regiment in Genl. McDougal Division. Mentions muskets out of repair. Signed by "Benj. Freeman"


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This document is a list of repairs and rates for the barracks and stables while the Queen's Rangers were in Philadelphia.

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This Quaker Proclamation was issued from the General Spring Meeting of Ministers and Elders held in Philadelphia during March 1778. The Proclamation encourages all Quakers to seek divine Guidance, "in this time of outward Commotion"
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