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At the Battle of Quinton's Bridge three hundred New Jersey Mmilitia stood against 1,200 British regulars and loyalists. The British forces set a trap and ambushed two hundred of the militia killing twenty to thirty men. The following day Major John…

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This is an apparent contemporary copy of a letter Gist sent to General Washington while encamped at the Head of Sassafras(River, Maryland). Drafted in the hand of Gist's secretary, the letter addresses difficulties encountered with militia, movement…

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Colonel Tilghman writes to Major General Lord Stirling (William Alexander) informing him that the enemy has not moved but if they do to inform General Washington immediately.

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In this one page letter dated, "Jany 15 1778", Colonel Timothy Pickering writes Clement Biddle regarding militia troops covering foraging activities. He states, "If Col. Stewart has not finished his work, his party(which was a 150 strong, in…

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Rittenhouse writes Supreme Executive Council regaring sum of money received for purchasing provisions for state magazines. Total sum expected to be One hundred and thirty Thousand Dollars. Signed at bottom, "Dav.d Rittenhouse Treasurer"

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This Debenture was issued to Thomas McKee, Indian Trader and Agent of Sir William Johnson, in honor to pay debt of 1,637 pounds with interest. McKee was a resident of Lancaster County in the Province of Pennsylvania. Employed as a farmer. Sealed…

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This letter addressed from Wilmington(Del.) to Brig. General Caesar Rodney, discusses the movement of British forces from their encampment near Mill Creek Hundred moving North over Brandywine Bridge toward "a place called Chads Ford." Discusses…

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This Order of Detention addressed from York County, Pennsylvania to Benjamin Davis(unknown position) instructs that a certain Alexander Ha(i?)ggins be turned over to the county of York until legally discharged.


This unique knuckle bow creates a right angle at each end, and a raised design at midpoint. Its quillon, too, has an unusual tripple disc terminal. Cord was spiraled around the wooden grip before covering it with leather to create channels for the…

This English Blunderbuss includes a walnut stock patterned after the standard Land Service Musket carried by English land forces. The stock mounts a flared brass “cannon” barrel measuring 17 inches in length and flares to 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) diameter…
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