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Reed 18-08 [1].jpg
William Ellery was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a representative from Rhode Island. This letter is directed towards William Whipple who is a delegate from New Hampshire and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. This letter…

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At the Battle of Quinton's Bridge three hundred New Jersey Mmilitia stood against 1,200 British regulars and loyalists. The British forces set a trap and ambushed two hundred of the militia killing twenty to thirty men. The following day Major John…

Reed 20-06.jpg
Joseph Galloway, a prominent Loyalist and former Patriot, became the superintendent of police during the British occupation of Philadelphia. During this time many Loyalists had their property stolen from them. These events led to the issue of Sir…

Reed 20-10 [1].jpg
When the Continental Congress reorganized the supply system they appointed Jeremiah Wadsworth as the Commissary General. This is the letter informing Wadsworth on his new position if he chooses to accept it. Wadsworth accepted in April 1778 and…

Reed 21-05 [1].jpg
This document is a list of repairs and rates for the barracks and stables while the Queen's Rangers were in Philadelphia.

Reed 21-08 [1].jpg
This letter is from John Banister to Patrick Henry. He explains that nothing has happened since their last correspondence. Banister also talks about troop inoculations. In the post script he also informs Laurens that General Charles Lee is there on…

Reed 22-08 [1].jpg
General George Washington writes Colonel Bland of Virginia reference recruits, horses, and supplies for the army from Virginia.

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In this one-page letter addressed from Camp at Valley Forge, LaFayette writes the French government regarding dispatches to France and a French officer applying for service in the American Continental Army.

Reed 23-08.jpg
Lieutenant Lewis Thomas gives his Oath of Allegiance under the supervision of General Peter Muhlenberg.

Reed 25-07 [1].jpg
President of Congress Henry Laurens writes to Jeremiah Wadsworth, Commissary General from Connecticut, transmitting the Congressional resolution to regulate commerce and prices. Lower half of letter includes extract from the Congressional minutes…
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