The Digital Vault brings to light the vast George C. Neumann Collection and John F. Reed Collection at Valley Forge National Historical Park. The Neumann Collection is comprised of approximately 1,600 historic items, divided into four separate parts:  firearms, edged weapons, pole arms, and accouterments. The study and promotion of these four separate, yet related parts, help us understand how soldiers fought in warfare. The Reed Collection contains rare 18th century manuscripts, broadsides, pamphlets, and books collected by the late John Ford Reed. The best known of these documents is the letter written at Valley Forge by General Washington. Dated 23 December 1777, the letter expresses the plight of the American army.

Recently Added Items

Clement Biddle to William Lowrey, Deputy Foragemaster

Reed 20-11 [1].jpg

In this letter addressed from "Moorehall 28 March 1778" Biddle requests Lowrey to purchase "Hay Oats & other forage" suitable for cavalry. Reference…

David Rittenhouse to Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council

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Rittenhouse writes Supreme Executive Council regaring sum of money received for purchasing provisions for state magazines. Total sum expected to be…

Pay Warrant

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Warrant addressed, "In Assembly March 27 1778" . Bayard requests payment to bearer John Whitehall(?) of thirty pounds for his service as a…